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Listening with the Third Ear

Listening with the Third Ear: Counselling Skills for Audiologists: an extended course with Kristina English


Course suitable for:                          

All audiologists who are interested in expanding their Counseling skills

Outside speakers/collaboration:                 

Dr Kris English


Course description:

This extended course provides the delegates with the opportunity to not only learn and understand a set of basic counseling strategies, but also to apply, discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies.  The course consists of 2 training days, with 6 weeks of reading assignments, online discussions and e-mail mentorship with Kris English between the workshops.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the characteristics of non professional counseling to audiological practice and why it is essential to clinical practice
  • Describe behaviours audiologists may use that can interfere with communication between themselves and the client
  • Identify some consequences of unsatisfactory interpersonal communications due to hearing loss as it affects self concept across the life
  • Outline the main features of a support group
  • Identify some childhood and adolescent hurdles to adjusting well to hearing loss
  • Describe some current perspectives on depression in elderly patients
  • Describe the differences between external and internal stressors that affect a person's adjustment to hearing loss


Learning Resources:

Kristina English "Counselling in Audiological Practice"