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Communication and Counseling Programme

The Ear Foundation: Communication and Counseling Programme tm

“If my life depended on summarizing counseling in one word, it would be the word “listening.”  It’s ironic: listening looks easy to do, in fact looks like doing nothing, yet it may be the hardest skill to master.”   Kris English

A high degree of specialist technical knowledge is essential nowadays when working with children, young people and adults with hearing loss, but professionals also need emotional intelligence to support those living with hearing loss on a daily basis.

The Ear Foundation Communication and Counseling Programme is designed to help professionals develop their person centred practise. It consists of three one –day workshops and a six week extended course, containing two one-day workshops and guided learning on –line.

The courses are appropriate for all those working with deaf children, young people and adults and their families. Our programme has been developed with considerable input and support from David Luterman and Kris English, and their materials are used.