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Hearing Equipment Appointments

Are there situations where your hearing device is not enough?

Tech session- Jeff

  • Do you struggle hearing in noisy or crowded places?
  • Do you struggle hearing people from a distance?
  • Can you hear your friends and family in the car?
  • Not sure if you would benefit from a new telephone?
  • Need help with hearing the TV?
  • Can you hear the doorbell or phone ring?

Then why not book a Technical session with our experienced Audiologist

We can offer support and advice around:

FM Systems (accessories which can be used with all hearing devices to help in difficult listening environments) Watch this video filmed with one of our patients explaining about the Phonak Roger system:

Equipment such as:

  • Hearing Aid Accessorieswebsite photo 2015.jpg
  • Telephones
  • Door Bells
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Personal Listener
  • Alarms

We ask people for a contribution of £10 for the session.

These sessions provide you with the opportunity to trial the equipment to see if it is beneficial to you......"try before you buy" (£10 contribution to loan an item)

Our Audiologist can also help you with information on funding and provide support with the set up and use of the technology.


Hearing Equipment set up

Book an appointment to discover how to make the most of your technology as well as the time and opportunity to ask questions. £40 per session.


For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact Sarah Allen, by calling her on 0115 942 1985 or you can email

This service is kindly supported by Phonak and PC Werth.

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We now offer a wide range of spares and accessories in our online shop which you can now buy direct from The Ear Foundation