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Adult services

Helping adults make the most of their hearing technology.

Are you looking for support in using your current hearing aid/ hearing implant or are looking for technology for specific listening scenarios (i.e. on the phone, in groups or the television)? Or are you simply looking to meet up with others who have a hearing loss to share your experiences and access up to date information on topics of interest? If so The Ear Foundation can offer you a range of support including:

  • Group Information Days and Twilight evening sessions
  • Informal Coffee Mornings
  • Hear 2 Help (Hearing Aid Maintenance) drop in clinics (Nottingham & Nottinghamshire only)
  • Private and impartial hearing aid service
  • Technical sessions (for trying & purchasing the latest in hearing technology)
  • Welfare and benefits drop in service (facilitated by Nottingham Deaf Society)

Modern hearing technologies have huge potential, but learning how best to use them can be a challenge. That is where we can help you! You will have the opportunity to share, support, and learn about technology and communication strategies in a warm, friendly atmosphere helping you to adjust to and manage your hearing loss more effectively.

Do you...

  • Need help with listening in noisy situtations?
  • Want to practice listening over the telephone?
  • Require 1:1 sessions with specialist professionals to improve your communication, listening and speech skills?
  • Want to find out about the latest hearing technology and using accessories?
  • Need help with your hearing aids at home?

We can offer you help with all of the above challenges and more besides. Take a look at what we do below and get in touch today to start your journey to better hearing.

Adult Group Days

These group days give you, your partners and friends the opportunity to meet up with time to talk on a range of topics. The days are run by experienced professionals who can offer friendly help and up to date advice. You will also be able to visit our onsite Resource Centre showcasing the latest in hearing technology for hands on advice.

For more information about our Adult Group Days and dates for 2017 can be found Adult Days_2017


Technical sessions1

Are there situations where your hearing aid is not enough? Are you looking for technology to improve your hearing/ listening experience in a range of scenario's?

Here at The Ear Foundation we can talk you through equipment options that are right for your hearing loss including:

  • FM Systems
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Telephones
  • Door Bells
  • TV Listeners
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Personal Listeners

For more information about what you can expect when you come along for a session please click here

We offer a range of one to one services at The Ear Foundation.  These include:

  • Auditory Therapy
  • Listening Practice: telephone skills, listening in noise, music appreciation
  • Getting hands on with the latest technology in our Resource Centre
  • Strategies for communication skills
  • Information and Resources


Wonderful, feel really 'at home' here. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and inclusive. Thank you" 


For more information on any of the Adult Services we offer please contact Sarah Jayne Allen at:, call:

(0115) 9421985 or text: 07852 296613

Details on how to find us: Directions to The Ear Foundation

Cochlear Implant & Bone Anchored Hearing Implant Accessories to buy

We now offer a wide range of spares and accessories in our online shop which you can now buy direct from The Ear Foundation.


Working with our partners:

The Sound Advice Adult service is very kindly supported by our partners, Cochlear Europe, Advanced Bionics, GN Resound, Oticon Medical, Phonak.

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